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Natural Thatch

Thatch is one of the most popular products at Palapa Pros. We offer the widest selection and inventory of quality thatch products in the United States. Our selection includes Mexican, Tahitian, African Reed and Viro Synthetic Thatch. All of our thatched products are commercial grade with the best quality and freshness on the market today. We pride ourselves in customer service with a motivated staff to satisfy our customers needs. 

Thatch is a plant material used in the art of building a tropical roof also known as palapas. Thatching is a very old tradition handed down from generation to generation in many countries around the world including Mexico, Asia, Africa, Tahiti along with many more! If your building a tiki bar, tiki hut or just looking to have a tropical themed home then look no further

Mexican Thatch

Mexican Thatch is the most preferred commercial-grade thatch and is the industry standard for palapa builders and resorts. PalapasPros offers the greatest selection of sizes of Mexican thatch products. Thatches are easy to install, durable and long-lasting. Thatch can be used indoor or outdoor to give your backyard, Tiki bar, or themed room that tropical look and feel.

Mexican thatch is made from palm leaves woven together to make panels, runners, and umbrella covers. The thatch can also be used for palapas or a tropical roof, equivalent to the English thatched roof. This is the most popular style that is used by commercial builders in California. Mexican palm thatch lasts 3-5 years. Our Mexican thatch is easy to handle and installation should not be a problem. The length and size of the panels is customizable and can be cut with scissors without the it unraveling

Tahitian Thatch

Easy to install, our thatch panels are constructed from the leaves of palms and have the unique ability to withstand sun, rain and wind as well as having great insulation qualities. Tahitian palm thatch also goes by other names such as Fiji, Fijian, or Brazilian thatch.

Contractors and palapa builders highly recommend Tahitian palm thatch because its the ideal material for both residential and commercial applications. Life expectancy
is 5 to 8 years depending on the climate; it is also the longest lasting natural thatch available in todays market. It creates a wonderful tropical and luxurious atmosphere to any space. It is a great building material for any projects you wish to get started on.





African Reed Thatch

Choose the African Reed Thatch Panels if you are looking for a tropical and luxurious look for your home or business. It is extremely durable and unique compared to other thatches out in the market today. This attractive and sustainable material will enhance any space and is a great product to use in all types of environments.

Easy to install, our African cape reed thatch panels are constructed from 100% Cape Reed and have the unique ability to withstand sun, rain, and wind as well as having great insulation qualities.
We supply the United States with a versatile and hardy pre-manufactured thatch
tile system.


Artificial Thatch

Our Synthetic Thatch is Safe & Eco-Friendly
Our artificial palm and reed thatches are made of chemically neutral and safe plastics that dont create harmful fumes or damage sensitive environments. These artificial building and thatching products are 100% recyclable, safe, and sustainable.

Forever bamboo carries synthetic thatch made of either High-Density Polyethylene or Polypropylene. Both HDPE and Polypropylene-based synthetic thatching poses no risk to human health and runoff is safe for sensitive water tables, landscaping, and marine environments.

These materials are better than plastic PVC thatch which is a toxic plastic that can often be difficult to dispose of.

Viro Synthetic  

We have a strong commitment to providing green building materials and our high quality imitation palm and reed thatch selections are eco-friendly and health safe.

Artificial Viro Thatch uses a patented reproduction process that replicates the thatch-work artistry of Java and Africa. These synthetic styles give finished thatch roofed structures an authentic and seamless look that is the most natural looking in the market today.




Art synthetic

Palapa Pros is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality green building and environmentally friendly thatch roofing materials. So we are proud to be a distributor for modern and affordable Art Thatch brand artificial thatching products. These high quality synthetic palm and faux reed materials are non-toxic, eco-friendly and recyclable polypropylene.

Eco-conscious, Viro thatch is made from one material, HDPE, and is 100% recyclable. Green values are woven into the business philosophya philosophy built on the foundation of a triple bottom line approach that includes environmental, social, and fiscal responsibility.